techno procyon art

offerings AND TOS
additional characters, vignettes, etc cost more. these will be priced case-by-case.

i always need a visual reference for your character. i cannot piece together a character design based on ideas in a regular commission slot. 


- clean sketch. artistic liberty.
you could upgrade any sketch I've done to a completed drawing in one of the styles listed below by paying the difference.

- experimental artistic liberty pieces.
these are usually done quickly. these will be fully colored, but style may vary slightly and i may use unusual texturing techniques.

- fully rendered and shaded pieces.
check-ins at each stage. these may take time to complete but can have a high level of complexity, and will be fully inked, shaded, etc in my normal style.

- unique character design.
includes a private stream. you get an initial sample rough drawing that includes picking colors out, as well as a finalized, redrawn single pose reference on a simple reference sheet that you can add your own text to. Everything you get with this is: 1 initial sketch including color with ongoing check-in during stream, and 1 finalized inked and flat-colored character art with at least 2 check-ins either during stream or via chat. total being 1 colored sketch, 1 final inked flat on a reference sheet, and 1 stream session.

i will still be reserving a few days a week for personal work.

i will take queued work to be finished within a reasonable timeframe, usually about a month ahead.

PLEASE do not tell me you are going to commission me if you do not intend to.

i have the right to refuse or refund any commission for any reason.
i take payment up front via paypal invoice system.


if necessary, please ask for a private commission so i know not to post, stream or broadcast it anywhere. there may be an additional "privacy charge" of $5-15 depending on the full sale price if i feel it will take a lot of my time away from other stuff.

payment UP FRONT via Paypal only.