techno procyon art

all prices are for single character only.
additional characters, vignettes, etc cost more. these will be priced case-by-case.

i always need a visual reference for your character. i cannot piece together a character design based on ideas in a regular commission slot. 

$5 - ko-fi donation. chibi/silly doodles for every donation. unlimited slots during the drive, only done during designated times. you must contact me to claim your doodle.
$10 - clean-sketch sales monthly. artistic liberty. only done during designated times.
you could upgrade any completed sketch sales drawing to a colored sketch for an additional $15.

$30 - themed artistic liberty pieces. no sketch check-in. these are usually done in one day. these will be fully colored, but style may vary slightly.

$40-$65 - fully rendered cel shaded pieces. up to 3 check-ins. these may take all month to complete but can have a high level of complexity, and will be fully inked, shaded, etc in my normal style.

$40+ - 100px pixel-style icons (simple animations such as blinking, bouncing, blushing, waving, tail motion, etc. are possible. you can pick a few, the price will climb as you add more. we can discuss.)

$25 - 1000px cel shaded style icons (static)

$100-$150+ - one unique character design. includes a private 30 minute stream. you get an initial sample rough drawing that includes picking colors out, as well as a finalized, redrawn single pose reference on a simple reference sheet that you can add your own text to. please note I am NOT a graphic designer, so you will have to handle inserting your information text on your own! if you really need help with this, i can try, though. Everything you get with this is: 1 initial sketch including color with ongoing check-in during stream, and 1 finalized inked and flat-colored character art with at least 2 check-ins either during stream or via chat. total being 1 colored sketch, 1 final inked flat on a reference sheet, and 1 stream session.

i will still be reserving a few days a week for personal work.

i will take more queued work to be finished within a reasonable timeframe, no more than a month ahead.

PLEASE do not tell me you are going to commission me if you do not intend to. 
not only does it waste my time, but it honestly hurts my feelings.

i have the right to refuse or refund any commission for any reason.
i will not issue a refund for a commission once work has been started - no exceptions.
be aware of your budget and don't commission me (or anyone else) unless you can cover it safely!!


if necessary, please ask for a private commission so i know not to post, stream or broadcast it anywhere. there may be an additional "privacy charge" of $5-15 depending on the full sale price if i feel it will take a lot of my time away from other stuff.

payment UP FRONT via Paypal only.